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Scripts For Students

I was myself a BCA/MCA student from IGNOU a few years back and wrote many programs in different languages myself while researched on the net to find the others for reference. So I thought to share my collected stuff so that other students can benefit from the time spent by me. These scripts for students may help them in understanding the concerned subject in a better way.

Below is a collection of some programs that you can download. The programs are packaged in zip files.

Linux/Unix Shell Scripts

This zip archive contains different shell scripts that cover topics like:

  • Sorting algorithms
  • Searching algorithms
  • Number system conversions (like decimal to binary, binary to hexadecimal etc)
  • Many other basic programs like generating Fibonacci series, reversing the number, determine if a string is a palindrome or not,  GCD and LCM, searching for patterns in a string etc.


Networking Scripts In C (TCP/UDP In Shell Scripting)

Networking programs in C and that also in Unix shell scripting are harder to develop and test by graduation students. Here are some programs that might help you. The programs include a simple client/server program, programs to show the usage of some build-in networking functions, programs containing routing related algorithm, TCP and UDP protocol based programs etc.


C++ Programs

Download a set of C++ programs having programs like adding two polynomials, stacks, queues, searching sub-strings in a string etc.


Core Java Programs

This archive has a lots of programs in Core Java. Programs include basic programs in Java, UI layout demos, Applet based programs, streams’ samples etc.


Advanced Java Programs

Advanced Java includes concepts like Java beans, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets etc. This archive includes a few programs on Advanced Java.


OpenGL Programs

Learning graphics is fun. But making graphics in a programming language is not trivial. It needs a lot of concentration and hard work. And when its done in a language like C++, it becomes more tedious. This archive has a few programs which might help you in understanding the concept of graphics in C++ using OpenGL.